Kazakh khanat bangla subtitle

Kazakh khanat bangla subtitle

 ASTANA - "Kazakh Khanate. The Golden Throne" premiered in the capital on February 26. Based on the novel "Diamond Sword" by Ilyas Essenberlin, the series retells the story of the Great Steppe and the struggle for the Kazakh kingdom from 1470-1485.

"This is one of the most difficult times in the history of the Kazakh Khanate. The film tells the story of Khan Zhanibek and Keri's war against the descendants of Abulkhair Shaibani for power and Siganak. The second season has more drama and action. We believe the audience will be excited. We have added more events to the script. , but we are close to historical data," said executive producer Arman Asenov.

The first season was popular and the makers received many positive reviews on social media, said director Rustem Abdrashov“There was a lot of discussion and controversy. We see people are interested; They want and they are waiting for the continuation of the series, which is important for us. Our film not only shows historical events but also the life and rich culture of the nomads,” he added.Actor Niyazbek Shaisultanov, who plays Abulkhayr Khan's grandson, noted that the historical event was the focus of the first season.

“We made the film for almost half a year and we faced many problems. Filmmaking is a challenging job. We trained for about three-four months for the battle scenes. There were different situations. As a result, the film is good and exciting,” he said.

The TV premiere of the first season in March 2017 was dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate. The film has now released in theaters across the country.

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